a person in a white protective suit operates a large machine to protect stocks of plant-based raw materials

SINoDRY® - the gentlest storage protection

...the gentlest and most environmentally friendly process for pest control and stock protection.

SINoDRY® is the most advanced process in curative and preventive stock protection. Insects, larvae, pupae and eggs in all stages of development are killed.

On request, all our products can be treated for protection before delivery. This prevents contamination with insects. This minimizes the spread of pests in your warehouse and prevents costly complaints.

If you are in possession of contaminated goods, we can disinfect them for you.

CarbosinOx packaging system

The CarbosinOx packaging system is a method available from Müggenburg to pack and ship goods in high barrier lines under vacuum or hermetic conditions. This system is the optimal solution for the protection and storage of vegetable raw materials. Storage of goods with carbosinOx packaging inhibits oxidation and fungal growth, kills insects and preserves moisture content, aromas and flavors. In this way, we create optimal preservation conditions that extend shelf life and ensure optimal protection. By using our packaging and storage solution it is possible to

  • reduce O2 value

- stop oxidation - slow down the aging process - preserve aroma and taste - prevent fungal growth

  • increase N2 or CO2 levels

- Insects in all life stages are killed

Additional benefits:

  • goods retain moisture content
  • Internal temperature fluctuations are reduced
  • aerobic microbial growth is inhibited

For this application, we use strong, flexible liners made of 7-ply barrier film, including PA/EVOH/PA and 200 micron. Our bag-in-bag liners are designed to fit standard pallet sizes and can be used for any stack height. They are also suitable for preservative transport packaging.